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We specialise in the assessment and treatment of the foot and ankle. We are qualified and licensed to use anaesthetics for surgical interventions and a variety of medicines and techniques to cure the foot of certain ailments and infections.

 We have helped countless clients and continue to do so with accurate diagnoses of foot issues and effective treatments performed in a friendly and professional manner.

Book Your Podiatry

Book online or call our friendly team on 01223 633 038 to make an appointment with a podiatrist.
No referral required. Our podiatry clinic is located in central Cambridge.

Initial Consultation or Occasional (if it has been more than 9 months since your last visit)


At your initial consultation we will assess your needs and take a medical history. Price includes routine footcare treatments only. 

Regular and Follow up Appointment


This is a routine appointment that is scheduled after the initial consultation to treat most foot conditions.

Simple Nail Cutting


(15-20mins) not including thickened, deformed, fungal, or ingrowing toenails. Feet will be sanded and emollients applied only. No use of nail drills or scalpels will be used for hard skin or corns on any area of the feet.

Nail Surgery

£375 for one side, £425 for two sides on the same toe. If multiple toes are affected cost of nail surgery can go up to £600

Includes nail surgery with a local anaesthetic, all dressings and two follow up appointments.

Local Anaesthetic


If requested as an optional extra as part of an unplanned procedure.


£85 - 1 nail, 30 minute appointment.

£199 – 2-5 nails, 1 hour appointment.

£300 – 6-10 nails, 90 minute appointment.

Fungal nail treatment.

Swift Microwave Therapy

1st Treatment - £160. 2nd & 3rd Treatments - £130.00. 4th treatment onwards - £100.00. Treatments are generally performed monthly.

Verrucae Treatment.

Falknor's Needling


Verrucae treatment.


The total price for two filler treatments plus one top up with fillers is £350 for one corn (Up to £750 for multiple corns). Curacorn treatments are available during the first week of each month -please contact us for exact dates.


Appointment fee +£60 per treatment regardless of how many Verrucas are present. Hands and feet can be treated. Additional cylinders +£50 per cylinder.

Regular off-the-shelf Orthotics

From £45 to £85, in addition to a Routine Appointment fee.

Run 3D


  • 90 minute assessment using Run3D with a personalised report emailed after the assessment.
  • A sample report can be downloaded or viewed here.
  • Located on 1st floor. Bring trainers and shorts as you will be on a treadmill.
  • The podiatrist will go through ‘stand out’ issues during the assessment. The main report will be finalised by the Podiatrist once you have departed and will be emailed to you. 
  • Run 3D can be booked as a stand alone appointment. However, if you decide to proceed with a bespoke pair of orthotics, we offer a package deal which includes the Run3D assessment, report, biomechanical/musculoskeletal assessment, one pair of bespoke orthotics, fitting appointment 10 working days later, a review appointment, and any alterations at review (£590).

Traditional MSK / Biomechanical Assessment


  • A 60 minute appointment including pressure plate, assessment and 3D scans of feet.
  • This assessment is suitable for those who lack mobility or who just don’t need or want a Run3D assessment.
    Also ideal for young adults.
  • This traditional MSK assessment can be booked as a stand alone appointment without orthotics. We also offer a package that includes this assessment plus one pair of beskpoke orthotics, a fitting appointment, and a review appointment with any alterations at review (£490).


General K-Laser - £75 per 30 minute session.

K-laser for Verrucas – £85 per 30 minute session 


£75 per 30 minute session.

Contact us if you have any questions

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Accessibility: Our clinic has a disabled parking space outside, ground floor treatment rooms, and a ground floor disabled toilet.