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Cutting Edge Podiatry is a registered podiatry clinic in Cambridge, UK. Our experienced team of podiatrists have access to a full suite of groundbreaking technologies and treatment methods to heal your feet.

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Cutting Edge Podiatry

We are qualified and experienced health care professionals that specialise in diagnosing and treating foot problems to help you heal faster and live pain-free.

Whether you are looking for routine or high-risk footcare, we are here to help. Our treatments include ingrown toenail surgery, Shockwave Therapy, Curacorn, Clearanail fungal nail treatment, Falknor’s Needling, Cryotherapy, and more.

Based in central Cambridge, we aim to get you back to work, playing sport, keeping active and living the healthy lifestyle you want.

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Podiatry Treatments & More

Many people don’t realise that their back, hip or knee pain is linked to their feet. In a similar way, several foot conditions can be related to inadequate footwear.

We are conscious that pain and discomfort can lead to falls, aggravating injuries, immobility and feelings of isolation and so whatever the underlying cause, our mission is to restore mobility and the well-being of our patients.

Skin and Nail Care

Corns and calluses, bunions, and cracked heels are some of the most benign-looking foot problems. Yet, they can be incredibly painful and disabling and treating them almost always significantly impacts every step you take.

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Verrucae and Swift Treatment

We offer various effective treatment options for warts and verrucae, including Swift Microwave Therapy, a new and breakthrough technology licensed for treating skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology.

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Custom Orthotics

Our podiatrists are highly qualified to perform a gait analysis to evaluate your foot mechanics and function and use the latest scanning technology to create custom orthotics for your feet.

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Treat Fungal Nails

We can help you treat difficult and thickened toenails, and fungal nail infections. We will work with you to select the best treatment for your condition. K-laser therapy and Clearanail are two great options.

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Advanced 3D Gait Analysis

Run3D is an advanced biomechanical assessment developed at Oxford University. It can identify the root cause of your issue, which is the first step towards a successful treatment plan. 

As you walk or run on a treadmill, advanced 3D motion capture technology will measure your movement patterns to compare our results with uninjured joints to identify issues. An expert clinician will then analyse your results to provide you with a detailed report.

K-Laser Therapy

K-Laser Therapy is an effective treatment for many common foot and MSK issues including plantar fasciitis, verrucae, fungal nails, achhilles tendonitis, sports injuries, and more.

K-laser works by stimulating key molecules in damaged tissue to trigger a process known as photobiostimulation, which enhances the body’s natural regenerative functions. The result is faster healing and reduced pain.

Gait Analysis for Cambridge Running Clubs

3D Gait Analysis for Cambridge Runners Cambridge runners can benefit from a discount on 3D gait analysis at our new Gait lab. Throughout July, August and September 2024, we are offering £50 off to members of running and athletics clubs based in Cambridge (UK). Run 3D...

Treatment Rooms For Rent In Cambridge

Clinic Rooms to Rent  Our clinic at Barnwell Road has an additional two rooms available to rent. These rooms are ideally suited to those wanting to offer in-person treatments and consultations such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treaments, sports therapy - or beauty...

Check Out Photos of Our New Clinic!

Cutting Edge Podiatry - Barnwell Road Here are some photos of our new podiatry clinic location on Barnwell road. Some of the features that our new location offers include: ✅Free on-site shared parking✅Medical flooring throughout✅Newly renovated✅Air conditioning✅3...

What’s The Difference Between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

Is a Chiropodist different to a Podiatrist? Are you looking for a Chiropodist in Cambridge? Read more.

We’re Moving – New Cambridge Podiatry Clinic Location

We're excited to announce that we are moving clinics over the weekend of 22 June 2024. Our current clinic on Tennison Road will close at noon on Friday 21 June and we will re-open at our new location on Barnwell Road at lunchtime on Monday 24 June. "We are always...

How to Look After Your Feet This Summer

With the warmer months approaching, it is important to remember that our skin will need more attention. From applying sunscreen to moisturising, here are a few tips to ensure your feet look their best. Finding The Right Foot Cream Dry, cracked heels and soles can...

What is Shockwave Therapy & How Does It Work?

What is Shockwave Therapy? Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a safe, non-invasive treatment in which a device passes acoustic shockwaves through the skin to the painful or affected area. In many cases, shockwave therapy is a great alternative to more invasive...

Ingrowing Toenails & How to Treat Them

Ingrown toenails occur when a nail grows into the soft flesh of the toe, leading to pain, inflamed skin, and swelling. This condition can significantly impact your daily life, limiting activities and causing discomfort with every step. So let’s take a closer look at...

How Can Orthortics Help Your Feet?

Imagine your feet are your foundations, just like a building’s foundations; if the base isn't right, the entire structure feels the strain. Orthotics (also known as orthopedic insoles) provide support to keep your foundation strong and sturdy. Orthotics are specially...

Plantar Fasciitis; Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of the plantar fascia, a fibrous band running along the length of the sole from the toes to the heel. Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis can be experienced as a...

Client Testimonials

Highly recommend Cutting Edge Podiatry. When I first went in January 2022 my feet where an absolute mess with 3 different types of infections. After a series of appointments to treat them my feet are now in the best state they have been in decades. Thank you Suvanne for your advice and I promise to take greater care of my feet in the future.

Paul G.
via Google

I can highly recommend Cutting Edge Podiatry.
The wonderful staff are knowledgeable and professional.
The clinic is clean, tidy and welcoming.
I’ve been treated by Ivan and Suvanne over the last few months and both are excellent clinicians, can’t rate them both highly enough, many thanks for your wonderful care.

Janette J.
via Google

Fantastic service by friendly staff! Had a battle with verrucas for about 10 years and after treatment with Suvanne the battle is over!
High quality treatment was received with great advice during the process and for care between visits. I have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so!

Cary H.
via Google

Excellent experience, Ivan was friendly and very knowledgeable. Been to a few podiatrists in the past; this was the best!! Close to station. Spotlessly clean

Joe B.
via Google

I have been receiving treatment since July with Ivan who is a considerate and gentle podiatrist with a great deal of knowledge. I highly recommend the practice.

Lisa M.
via Google

I desperately needed an appointment and they managed to fit me in. Ivan is the best in treating the corns and he goes extra Mike and checks your feet for other disorders and treats them. He gives time and doesn’t rush through the treatment. Thank you

Abdul Latif R.
via Google

"Wonderful Insoles"

“The new insoles are wonderful. I had forgotten what comfortable shoes feel like. They enable me to walk for longer without pain. Their sponginess is a significant comfort factor, as is the closer fitting shape under and around the heel.”

Sarah V.
Via Email

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