With the warmer months approaching, it is important to remember that our skin will need more attention. From applying sunscreen to moisturising, here are a few tips to ensure your feet look their best.

Finding The Right Foot Cream

Dry, cracked heels and soles can cause pain and embarrassment, and finding the correct foot cream can be tricky. Let me introduce you to urea. Urea is a naturally occurring chemical present in the skin that helps keep it soft and retain its water content. This emollient is commonly used in foot creams for its hydrating properties. At higher concentrations, it can also help break down callus (hard skin).

How Much Urea Do You Need?

Patients suffering from heavy callus and very dry, cracked skin can use urea creams with a content of between 25% and 50% (sometimes called a Heel Balm), depending on the extent of the issue. Your podiatrist may also recommend the wet wrap technique.

A cream with 10% urea content will help keep your skin supple once the hard skin has been reduced.

How Often Should You Moisturise Your Feet?

It is important to remember that little and often is best! Do not leave the hard skin to build up: file weekly and moisturise your feet daily if possible, avoiding the area between the toes. In the summer, twice daily may be more appropriate, especially if wearing sandals or visiting hot countries.

Finally, feet do get sunburnt too! Do not forget to apply sunscreen regularly to them.