SWIFT Microwave Therapy

SWIFT is a breakthrough technology developed in the UK, licenced to treat skin lesions such as verrucae and warts.

SWIFT uses short bursts of microwave energy delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue. Its high-resolution rate has made it the preferred treatment option for verrucae and plantar wart lesions, particularly long-term, stubborn, and non-resolving ones.

SWIFT microwave treatment can be applied to multiple warts and verrucae in a single session. The treatment is quick and efficient and does not require an anaesthetic or dressing.

What Can I Expect From Swift Microwave Treatment?

SWIFT microwave treatment delivers precise, repeated bursts of microwave energy (heat) through a hand-held probe placed on the affected tissue. The microwave bursts last 2 to 5 seconds and can penetrate 2.6 to 5mm into the affected skin.

The microwave energy heats the affected tissue to 42°C, stimulating the body’s stress protein production and triggering the body’s immune system to heal.

Immediately after the session, some people feel discomfort; for others, nothing. 7/10 people blister. These blisters then dry up and turn black. The blisters shouldn’t burst.

How Many Swift Microwave Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatment sessions required is dictated by how well you respond to treatment and other factors which your podiatrist will discuss with you.

Multiple warts and verrucae can be treated during the same session. 

SWIFT works by triggering the body’s immune response, so the duration of treatment and the number of sessions required will vary from person to person. 

After the last treatment session, we would wait 6-10 weeks to monitor progress. 

As the verruca resolves, the dermal ridges (fingerprints) in the skin will re-establish, and you can say goodbye to the unsightly infections.

What Can I Do After Swift Microwave Treatment?

The treatment does not produce a wound, so no dressings are needed. There is generally no pain after the treatment, but if discomfort or tingling does occur, it usually resolves within 24-48 hours. You can shower and resume activities as usual. Seven out of ten people blister. Do not burst these blisters because they will go dry and appear black. Just leave them.

Can Anyone Receive Swift Microwave Treatment?

With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions would be able to have this treatment. It is suitable for older children and low-risk diabetics who have good circulation and sensations. Your podiatrist will carry out an assessment before treatment and be able to advise you on this.

Swift Microwave Therapy: Patient Testimonials

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